College Papers vs New Websites

New competition in the world of college media. It used to be that campus papers pretty much had a lock on their market. But now Campus newspapers face competition from a company that had helped many of them with their websites: mtvU’s College Media Network. As media bistro summed it up in their Daily News Feed this morning, “Now representatives of mtvU have introduced a network of Web sites called Campus Daily Guides, customized for individual colleges and clearly targeted to the same online audience as college newspaper Web sites.”

Is this a bad thing? Or does it just expand college journalists experiences? Who would you rather write for?

Inside Higher Ed offers perspective from a competitor stance HERE.

Funny thing is I always thought working for the college newspaper was about gaining experience and learning about deadlines. A taste of what the career holds. I never thought about college newspapers relying on advertising dollars to survive. Shouldn’t these important learning tools be paid for by the university and not need ad dollars to survive?

It’s an interesting discussion and potential new learning experience for young journalists in a world of mass competition.


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