Finding a job in TV News

Finding a TV news job can be daunting. It costs money just to get your stuff out there. But it is money well spent and you can write off the job hunt expenses on your taxes.

For students who have just graduated or about to graduate it’s sometimes hard to convince them of the importance of treating a job search like a job itself. But if you do that, you will land a job in no time. Just remember it takes longer to find a job in TV news than in many other professions because news directors have to look over paper resumes as well as tapes/dvds and that just takes time.

I’ll also say this on this topic, as it will make your finding a TV job easier: do an internship at a station you would like to work at either now or in a few years. Treat the internship like it’s a high paying job, be nice, know your place, and always offer to help in anyway you can. People will remember you… and that is how you will get a job there. That’s how I got my first TV job. In fact, while I’ve been offered jobs that I have applied for randomly and even some that I never even applied for… I’ve always taken jobs that I found out about from a co-worker or former co-worker. Never burn bridges. Know that the TV business is all about who you know. But you can get your foot in the door and have a long prosperous career if you play your cards right.

That said, here are some good sites to help you find that first TV job or your next TV job:

The number one site for finding a TV job is: Pay the membership fee. You can write it off on your taxes AND you will make that money back when you’re hired.

Other good sites:,3

TIP for recent grads: Remember, you don’t have zero experience if you’ve worked for your college TV station or done an internship. You can count from the first time you started shooting for your school on your resume. Don’t lie about what you did, but don’t sell yourself short either.


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