TV viewership increases online – What could that mean for TV news?

Not surprising to hear, but a new report is out that says more and more Americans are watching TV online.

The Conference Board reports:

Online TV viewing has been gaining in popularity. Nearly one-fifth of American households who use the internet watch television broadcasts online, double the viewership from 2006, The Conference Board and TNS report today. The top two destinations for online broadcasts are the official TV channel homepage and

Why? That answer is not surprising either:

Most consumers do not like a set schedule. Being able to watch broadcasts on their own time and at their convenience are the top reasons users tune in online. Other reasons include avoiding commercials and portability. Nearly 72 percent of online households log on for entertainment purposes on a daily basis, and one in ten cites entertainment as the most important internet.

Read the rest of the report HERE:

This report makes for a good jumping off point for starting a discussion on the potential for television news. What is its future?  How can it be adapted to meet the changing habits of TV viewers?

Many stations have online components but what about ideas to totally revamp TV news?
Here are a few resources that report some findings that can also be used in this discussion:

Pew Research Center


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