What does this say about the state of the media?

From MediaBistro.com:

Todd and Sarah Palin Unchallenged in Fox Interviews (LAT)
James Rainey: Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren produced three nights of infotainment so frothy, slanted and off-point that they challenged even their cable network’s low standards. Given a chance to address real issues, Fox instead condescended to both Palins, with Van Susteren’s cringe-worthy paean to Arctic beauty and Todd Palin’s machismo, and Hannity’s weak-kneed idolization of Alaska’s governor.

A good topic for discussion right now in journalism classes and newsrooms: what does it say when supposedly “hard-hitting” news outlets don’t ask the “hard” questions and instead leave those to entertainment shows like “The View” (re: McCain’s recent interview).

Here’s The View interview:

This is the interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson:


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