A TV version of Facebook?

TV is feeling left out of the popularity of social networking.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The movement was pioneered in part by videogame-console makers such as Microsoft Corp. as a way to connect hard-core gamers for competitive matches, and it is gaining momentum as those companies and others seek to entice a broader audience to chat with friends, share photos and recommend movies and music over their television screens.

Analysts say social networking has the potential to play a key role in shaping what people watch and do on the biggest screen in their homes. They say that eventually could pay off — perhaps in terms of subscription revenue or advertising — for the companies involved in these mostly nascent ventures, as efforts to marry the Internet and the TV gain traction.

Will this work? What do you think about interactive TV?

I’ve long been a proponent about interactive TV news. My plan is a simple one and would work much in the way that TIVO works. The viewer would input his or her favorite topic areas. The TV news station would shoot a “top stories” segment and then every other story would be shot/packaged individually with the anchor intro and tag. These stories would be categorized by the stations into topic areas. Then every viewer would have a customized newscast when they wanted at just the push of the button based on the choices they set in their TIVO-like box or the way Comcast On Demand works. Customized yet doable.


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