Did Washington Post Series on Chandra Levy Lead to Suspect’s Arrest?

Who says investigative journalism is dead! Yes, it may be getting cut right and left but this is a great example of why newspapers/investigative reporting (in one form or another) are so important…

From Poynter.com:

A Sacramento TV station is reporting that Chandra Levy’s parents received a call from authorities Friday afternoon notifying them that an arrest would be coming soon in the 2001 murder of their daughter.

A Washington, D.C., station said D.C. police “submitted evidence to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in an effort to get an arrest warrant” for Ingmar Guandique, identified in a 13-part Washington Post series as a suspect whose possible role in the crime was given less attention by law enforcement than the possible role of then-California representative Gary Condit.

In published notes about the series, the Post says, “The reporters discovered that the police investigation was overwhelmed with the white-hot media coverage fueled by the possible involvement of Rep. Gary Condit, a congressman from California.”

Condit granted his first interview about the Chandra Levy case to Post reporters Sari Horwitz and Scott Higham.

The reporters also spoke with officials involved in the original investigation, two women attacked by Guandique, and Guandique himself.


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