Three books journalists/writers should read this summer

Looking for something quick, enjoyable – yet deep and worthy of reflection this summer (or anytime)? Here are three I recommend that will make your life better, or at least help you appreciate it more…

1. Late Edition: A Love Story by Bob Greene

This book is an ode to journalism and an interesting look at the history of the industry via a small paper plus the writing brings the story alive. If you’ve ever had a burning passion for your job at a newspaper or TV station, even if you don’t anymore, you will appreciate what Greene brings to the table in this book. I felt compelled to read this book about love for newspapers and at the same time about the “dying” industry in print. Seemed the only appropriate way.

2. Enough About You: Notes Toward the New Autobiography by David Shields
Quick read with deep thoughts – and perfect for reflecting on your own writing style while relaxing.

3. Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion

This is my most recommended book of all time. The collection of works gives one pause to think about life and what you are looking for. There’s never a bad time to do that!


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