Dear News, Please consider rebranding yourself

Dear #News,

I advise you to read the following report on you and your likeness:


Now, I’d like to point out that we can change this by showing your importance to society AND by being better everyday, giving people news they need disguised as news they want. Let’s give them a reason to want to be informed and care more. They have a distaste for your corporate ways, but I’m sure they would not begrudge you making money for your services, if they were to get products they deemed relevant to their lives and worldview. Let’s show them that a good informative product is your goal, not making ridiculous sums of money for CEOs and stockholders.

I know the college students I teach (in journalism and electronic media/film areas), for the most part, have a strong distaste for the word “news” and anything labeled with that word they think it is boring, pointless and meaningless… But (with a capital B) when I show them good stories, without track, without “live”… without “reporters”… they like the stories because they think they are “mini-docs” – and not “news.” This is fine with me. I know they are news, and you know they are news, but we should be fine with them not labeling those news if that makes them like you better. They can call you what they want as long as they like you and get information from you and feel your importance. They like good stories and interesting people doing interesting and important things. It’s time, “news,” to be important again, be the best you can be, and be interesting. Young people care. They do. But they want things on their terms, not just on the same platter that grandma eats from.

Thank you for considering refreshing your branding.

Yours truly,

An Idelistic “Xer” Journo Who Wants Nothing More Than Good Stories That Make a Difference and Do Good for the Good of Our World


PS- See last night’s Colbert Report for an explanation of what magazines are to young people:



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