Chasing Connections Down Rabbit Holes of Inspiration

I love the internet. I love how it connects things I didn’t even know were connectable. In a few keystrokes I am down a rabbit hole chasing ghosts and echos of words, thoughts, ideas gone by but not forgotten.

An example: I decided to do a little research on a movie (Midnight in Paris) and find out some interesting facts, like the title inspired the whole story. So I decide I will specifically write a story inspired by a title. And that title, I decide, will be the Faulkner quote on “the past” in said movie. And when I google that quote to dig deeper and look for other context to inspire my own story, I find this treasure trove of an article in Harper’s Magazine​: And now I have Woody Allen, time travel, William Faulkner, Obama, racism, false sentiment flag-wearing politics, and concrete evidence of cyclical history all nicely connected together.

Thank you once again internet of awesomeness for the inspiration!!!!!

And if someone tells you the internet is to blame for writers getting nothing done, you can use this as evidence to the contrary. So there. Don’t blame anything or anyone except reality: not writing can only be blamed on yourself and where you place it on your priority list. If you’re not ready to write or need inspiration, find it. Go wherever you need – to the internet, to an old book, watch a movie, a TV show, into the forest, read your kids some fairy tales. Inspiration is behind every corner.

And now, off to write something I can only hope is deserving of those connections.


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