Ode to TV News

You’re brave and strong and gutsy

You’re fierce, thoughtful and wise

You’re jaded and harsh and a punch in the stomach

You’re a jab in the eye and a dart in the throat

You can be so much to so many people

You can truly make a difference in this world

You shine a light on the darkest of days,

You throw monsters out in to the sun

You’re hope where there was none, a shoulder to cry on,

You’re someone to listen, to teach, to right the wrongs we couldn’t do on our own

You are the watchdog we all rely on

You speak the truth when no one else can

You can beat down the best of us sworn to honor and protect you

You take and take and take all we have

I love you with all my heart on your best days

And hate you when you refuse to be all you can be

But you, oh TV News, you, I cannot give up on

I give you all that I have because I believe you set us all free

I wrote this poem in the traditional “ode” fashion a few years ago, but in light of the shooting deaths of two TV news family members, I felt the need to share today. TV News is a calling. It’s not just a job. It may be hard to understand outside of the business, but it is a family. I recommend also reading THIS blog post by Jaye Watson.


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