Exploring truth in storytelling through The X Files’ Bad Blood

badbloodI was recently discussing what it is to tell a truth, to write about truth, in story telling with some other writers. We talked about the possibilities for multiple truths to co-exist, the possibility of believing something making it feel true and other such writerly arguments that you’d find in a Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop.
Today, as it just so happens, I did something that perfectly illustrates the discussion.
I watched The X Files episode “Bad Blood,” because the x-phile that I am must do such things no matter what else is going on during the week of Halloween. (Plus I’m trying to watch interesting, light-hearted episodes with my kids to get them interested in the show. It’s working!)
The thing is, this episode perfectly illustrates the complexities (with humor) that were at the heart of our discussions on truth. Bad Blood has the perfect synthesis of multiple perspectives on the same situation. In such smartly crafted ways, writer Vince Gilligan unravels a mystery once from Scully’s perspective, then again from Mulder’s. They bring in fresh details that ultimately reveal how the story will be resolved and both truths merge in fresh light at the conclusion.
This ep is also wonderful because it gives a new and different glimpse into the perspectives of our heros.
Also check out my number one favorite X File ep “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” for more on this wonderful discussion of the search for truth.
What do you think?

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