Journalists working hard for you right now, even if you don’t appreciate it (yet)

Some spend an awful lot of time these days worrying about “the media” who are there for all of us as our eyes and ears. Maybe because it isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard certain people wish it.
Keep ALL politicians accountable. Keep journalists in statehouses and in bureaus and in YOUR TOWN! It doesn’t happen by magic or when you click on crappy links with interesting headlines. Journalists keep a fire under the toes of all in power.
Buy a subscription to your local paper plus a national news org – NYT, WaPo, WSJ and donate to NPR, PBS, and other orgs working hard for every single American even if they’ll never read/hear/see a word of their reporting directly (though many will indirectly, every single time they read/hear/see any real news of importance curated by others).
And start watching CBS Evening News and/or another serious hard news, non-talking head, non-bitchfest real news programs. It is FREE to watch these (on TV and/or online)!
Start seeing hardworking journalists working for all of us, for democracy.
Stop listening to your cable crap echo chamber of people who want to be rich and famous.
Read real articles by real journalists across the globe who have experience and training.
And if you think they are corporate scum because they work for a company, does that make you corporate scum because you also work for a company? No, it does not. Are there corporate scum in media businesses like any other business? Yes. We want to kick them out. The journalists in the media companies are there because they are believers. Believers in getting you the story. The journalists that work hard every single day aren’t getting lots of $ and don’t get paid to sit around. They work harder than most other people and journalists get paid crappier salaries because all the $ goes to the business people while the work is done for you and for me by the journalists who believe it is their mission in life to get YOU and ME and everyone else real information, hard, verified facts. They are not in some collusion to fake you out. The only thing journalists are colluding to do is bring you facts.
If the goal of the “journalist” in question is not bring you and I verified facts, that person is NOT a journalist. Do not confuse what a journalist is! No matter the medium, they are working for you and for me to get us what we need to live informed in reality. And they are working hard, long hours to do it. Thank you journalists!
Now go buy some subscriptions and start reading/watching/listening to them. Once we get that fixed, let’s talk about what we can do to make them better. Because they are not perfect and need some work.

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