Speaking of old novels you should (re)read…

Finally, I guess, everyone’s re-reading 1984. Good! I re-read it this past summer and did my part to advertise its application to modern day. Glad to see the appreciation of this classic dystopian novel alive and well again. Here’s a list of other must-read classics (or re-reads) to put on your list after you finish … Continue reading

Three books journalists/writers should read this summer

Looking for something quick, enjoyable – yet deep and worthy of reflection this summer (or anytime)? Here are three I recommend that will make your life better, or at least help you appreciate it more… 1. Late Edition: A Love Story by Bob Greene This book is an ode to journalism and an interesting look … Continue reading

Crime & TV News

For today’s blog entry, I’m going to paste a book review I’ve previously written but haven’t published. It’s all about crime and TV news coverage. Check it out: The Book: Lipschultz, J. & Hilt, M. (2002). Crime and Local Television News: Dramatic, Breaking, and Live From The Scene. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates My … Continue reading