Advice for students who want to work in any media industry

I’ve been asked to participate in a mentoring program for students about to graduate from college this coming weekend. In preparation for the event, I was asked to share the most important advice I have to give young people who want to work in the media industries. So here’s that answer… The advice I give to … Continue reading

Breaking Bad’s Story Design Applied to Journalism

Check out this great article from Inside the Story Magazine: It sounds pretty much like “New Journalism” to me. And great ideas for all types of storytellers… though a team that large working on any one story is pretty rare in the “news” biz – but why not use this as a classroom approach! (Sundance … Continue reading

Dear News, Please consider rebranding yourself

Dear #News, I advise you to read the following report on you and your likeness:   Now, I’d like to point out that we can change this by showing your importance to society AND by being better everyday, giving people news they need disguised as news they want. Let’s give them a reason to want … Continue reading

Snow Fall and The Jockey

There once was a little newspaper who thought big and tried new things. Overtime, they started a following. It turns out that solid reporting, interesting stories, and innovation was what “the people” wanted. Enter The New York Times multimedia stories “Snow Fall” and “The Jockey.” Read/watch/investigate them here, if you haven’t already: It is … Continue reading

A few links for journalism students (and journalists)

Here are a few links students interested in journalism can learn a lot and get connected. (Also applicable for all journalists, if you aren’t already into these sources, check them out)… Twitter’s best practices for journalists guide: Twitter for Newsrooms: Facebook for journalists: MuckRack – Register your Twitter once you are a prof journalist, watch the Twitterings of … Continue reading

USA Today’s new innovative website

App meets news website… Check out the review of the innovative USA Today website by Poynter: USA Today changed the way newspapers looked, felt and were read too. So look for similar things coming soon to other news sites near you!

Moody’s ratings agency says digital revenues won’t save newspapers

Interesting article on digital revenues for newspapers in MediaPost:  

Preventing burnout

Being I studied burnout in TV news producers years ago, the topic is always of interest to me. Check out “10 tips for preventing staff burnout in spite of more work, fewer resources” from By preventing burnout, you not only help yourself… you help the station overall and can increase productivity.

Did Washington Post Series on Chandra Levy Lead to Suspect’s Arrest?

Who says investigative journalism is dead! Yes, it may be getting cut right and left but this is a great example of why newspapers/investigative reporting (in one form or another) are so important… From A Sacramento TV station is reporting that Chandra Levy’s parents received a call from authorities Friday afternoon notifying them that … Continue reading

France to help its failing newspapers

From French President Nicolas Sarkozy says he will give $800 million in emergency aid for the country’s failing newspaper industry. He wants to boost the newspaper reading habits among young people in France, but many of them think the French press has too much opinion and not enough reporting. Listen to their report HERE.

Newspaper of the future

What will the newspaper of the future look like? According to the American Journalism Review it will look like this: A smaller, less frequently published version packed with analysis and investigative reporting and aimed at well-educated news junkies that may well be a smart survival strategy for the beleaguered old print product. Read the rest … Continue reading

College Papers vs New Websites

New competition in the world of college media. It used to be that campus papers pretty much had a lock on their market. But now Campus newspapers face competition from a company that had helped many of them with their websites: mtvU’s College Media Network. As media bistro summed it up in their Daily News … Continue reading