Advice for students who want to work in any media industry

I’ve been asked to participate in a mentoring program for students about to graduate from college this coming weekend. In preparation for the event, I was asked to share the most important advice I have to give young people who want to work in the media industries. So here’s that answer… The advice I give to … Continue reading

Ode to TV News

You’re brave and strong and gutsy You’re fierce, thoughtful and wise You’re jaded and harsh and a punch in the stomach You’re a jab in the eye and a dart in the throat You can be so much to so many people You can truly make a difference in this world You shine a light … Continue reading

Breaking Bad’s Story Design Applied to Journalism

Check out this great article from Inside the Story Magazine: It sounds pretty much like “New Journalism” to me. And great ideas for all types of storytellers… though a team that large working on any one story is pretty rare in the “news” biz – but why not use this as a classroom approach! (Sundance … Continue reading

Dear News, Please consider rebranding yourself

Dear #News, I advise you to read the following report on you and your likeness:   Now, I’d like to point out that we can change this by showing your importance to society AND by being better everyday, giving people news they need disguised as news they want. Let’s give them a reason to want … Continue reading

What makes a good TV News Story?

What makes a good TV News story? Click the small photo above to see my presentation or click HERE. Let me know if you’d add anything else and why. Also check out my presentation Finding News Stories HERE. And my presentation the Video Story Process HERE.

Snow Fall and The Jockey

There once was a little newspaper who thought big and tried new things. Overtime, they started a following. It turns out that solid reporting, interesting stories, and innovation was what “the people” wanted. Enter The New York Times multimedia stories “Snow Fall” and “The Jockey.” Read/watch/investigate them here, if you haven’t already: It is … Continue reading

The State of TV News from Pew – 2013: It’s not good.

TV news industry professionals know too well that the state of the industry isn’t looking so hot: “Local TV finds itself newly vulnerable.  Local TV audiences were down across every key time slot and across all networks in 2012. And the off-peak news hours like 4:30 a.m. that stations had been adding for years seem … Continue reading

A few links for journalism students (and journalists)

Here are a few links students interested in journalism can learn a lot and get connected. (Also applicable for all journalists, if you aren’t already into these sources, check them out)… Twitter’s best practices for journalists guide: Twitter for Newsrooms: Facebook for journalists: MuckRack – Register your Twitter once you are a prof journalist, watch the Twitterings of … Continue reading

One to watch: NowThis News

“Rather than produce hours of streaming content a day, it is supposed to produce a handful of daily news reports, and plans to distribute them via mobile phones and social media.” – on the new NowThis News from Poynter. One to watch for sure!! Read the article. Check out BuzzFeed too if you haven’t for … Continue reading

Storytellers stories

Went to a cool MMJ workshop put on by some talented KPNX folks today. A few videos they shared with us … for your enjoyment. Each is a good example of story telling: Vietnam airman finally comes home: Emmy-nominated multimedia Storytellers site: Flagstaff man reunites with his best friend (his lost dog): … Continue reading

Video journalism 101: How sequencing can improve your stories

Great article out of Poynter for teaching video journalism basics -> on using video sequencing: I remember a really talented photog sitting down with me after a shoot in my first internship explaining sequencing and its importance. Made a difference in my understanding of good TV news.

Broadcasting TV via the internet

Interesting idea out of the UK where there is a proposal to broadcast TV via the internet and leave the airwaves for mobile phone Read the story:

How to get a job in TV news

Looking for a job in TV news? A good resume website is your first step, along side making connections in the industry from your internship and classmates in college. When you’re lucky enough to land an interview, read this RTNDA article with 10 tips on landing a TV news gig from a News Director.

More TV & radio news & more jobs

A study in 2012 showed there was more TV and radio news produced last year… and more people were employed doing it. Good news for TV and radio grads. Read the details at RTNDA.

Confidence in TV news at all-time low

Check out this article in Politico: Confidence in TV news at all-time low Twenty-one percent of the 1,004 adults polled said they had “a great deal” or “a lot” of confidence in television news media, continuing a steady decline from the 46 percent who expressed confidence in television media in 1993. How can confidence in … Continue reading

HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ great starting point for j-school conversations

HBO’s new show ‘The Newsroom’ is about to turn the spotlight on conversations that have been going on in newsrooms and j-schools for years – conversations about news ethics, ratings games, and more. “In an early episode, [Jeff] Daniels’ character calls out other news anchors for their willingness to play to their base and spin … Continue reading

How people’s media diets affect their knowledge of current events

The recent study about how people’s media diets affect their knowledge of current events didn’t cast a positive light on Fox News. It showed that people who watched only that channel scored lower than those who watched no news at all, the study said. Read “Anonymous Fox spokesperson bravely talks trash about school behind news habits survey” … Continue reading

Williams Says Being College Dropout is Huge Regret

Read about why NBC’s Brian Williams says he regrets not finishing college and getting a degree in this story.

Preventing burnout

Being I studied burnout in TV news producers years ago, the topic is always of interest to me. Check out “10 tips for preventing staff burnout in spite of more work, fewer resources” from By preventing burnout, you not only help yourself… you help the station overall and can increase productivity.

A TV version of Facebook?

TV is feeling left out of the popularity of social networking. From The Wall Street Journal: The movement was pioneered in part by videogame-console makers such as Microsoft Corp. as a way to connect hard-core gamers for competitive matches, and it is gaining momentum as those companies and others seek to entice a broader audience … Continue reading