Journalists working hard for you right now, even if you don’t appreciate it (yet)

Some spend an awful lot of time these days worrying about “the media” who are there for all of us as our eyes and ears. Maybe because it isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard certain people wish it. Keep ALL politicians accountable. Keep journalists in statehouses and in bureaus and … Continue reading

Letting myself click on The Falling Man, a story of 9/11, 15-years later

I could not have looked at this picture or read this story before. But 15 years after the last day of the “before”… Before 9/11 changed how the world can be seen, I can look. I did. I let myself. I froze, seeing it in my feed, in horror. Then swiped past it quickly. I … Continue reading

Adaptations of the scifi kind – 10 great short stories that have been adapted for the screen

I love science fiction. I also love short stories. When short scifi is turned into a film, it’s all roses, as they say. I’ve linked all the brilliant short stories below to a free PDF copy of each online. Philip K. Dick (PKD), my all-time favorite writer, is the brain behind many great scifi adaptations … Continue reading

Top 125 movies everyone should watch

Talking with students in various classes of mine recently, I’ve noticed that far too many young, cool people haven’t seen so many awesome classic films. So with that, I share my current list of 125 films everyone should see. Let the debate begin of what else to add! movies everyone should see, in no particular … Continue reading