Advice for students who want to work in any media industry

I’ve been asked to participate in a mentoring program for students about to graduate from college this coming weekend. In preparation for the event, I was asked to share the most important advice I have to give young people who want to work in the media industries. So here’s that answer… The advice I give to … Continue reading

Chasing Connections Down Rabbit Holes of Inspiration

I love the internet. I love how it connects things I didn’t even know were connectable. In a few keystrokes I am down a rabbit hole chasing ghosts and echos of words, thoughts, ideas gone by but not forgotten. An example: I decided to do a little research on a movie (Midnight in Paris) and … Continue reading

Breaking Bad’s Story Design Applied to Journalism

Check out this great article from Inside the Story Magazine: It sounds pretty much like “New Journalism” to me. And great ideas for all types of storytellers… though a team that large working on any one story is pretty rare in the “news” biz – but why not use this as a classroom approach! (Sundance … Continue reading

What are the multimedia advantages of the GIF?

The GIF, invented by CompuServe in 1987, has many advantages over video, says the Neiman Journalism Lab. Check out their multimedia-multiplatform article:

Christian Science Monitor shutting down print edition

The Christian Science Monitor is becoming the first national newspaper to quit a printed edition of their newspaper. They will move the focus to online content instead. More info at How soon will it be for other major newspapers to follow suit? What does it mean for journalism?

A TV version of Facebook?

TV is feeling left out of the popularity of social networking. From The Wall Street Journal: The movement was pioneered in part by videogame-console makers such as Microsoft Corp. as a way to connect hard-core gamers for competitive matches, and it is gaining momentum as those companies and others seek to entice a broader audience … Continue reading

College Papers vs New Websites

New competition in the world of college media. It used to be that campus papers pretty much had a lock on their market. But now Campus newspapers face competition from a company that had helped many of them with their websites: mtvU’s College Media Network. As media bistro summed it up in their Daily News … Continue reading