Three books journalists/writers should read this summer

Looking for something quick, enjoyable – yet deep and worthy of reflection this summer (or anytime)? Here are three I recommend that will make your life better, or at least help you appreciate it more… 1. Late Edition: A Love Story by Bob Greene This book is an ode to journalism and an interesting look … Continue reading

Write On! Get creative this July with Camp NaNoWriMo

Need a little help getting your creative juices flowing and charging up your outlook on life? Start writing! Join me at Camp NaNoWriMo from July 1-31, 2013 and write your first book! It’s free and fun – so why not make your summer one to remember in words. Writing anything helps all of your writing … Continue reading

How do you write?

I was recently asked – how do you write? This is my process: It happens in a split second like flipping a switch. I go into automatic pilot. Words flow out of my fingers letter by letter onto keys. Somehow, perhaps by some sort of yet-to-be-discovered-magic, a story forms. My mind has taken in information … Continue reading

Traditional media need to show they’re valuable every day, not just in times of crisis

There is no doubt to me in times of crisis all media – from traditional to social – can be valuable, important and relative. The audience reach via the web and social media is tremendous, The Globe’s YouTube video on the Boston Marathon bombings proves that. (According to a colleague of mine the video had … Continue reading

The State of TV News from Pew – 2013: It’s not good.

TV news industry professionals know too well that the state of the industry isn’t looking so hot: “Local TV finds itself newly vulnerable.  Local TV audiences were down across every key time slot and across all networks in 2012. And the off-peak news hours like 4:30 a.m. that stations had been adding for years seem … Continue reading

Who is using social media and how can that information help you

As in all other media, knowing your audience is a key to success. By doing some research into who you can reach on social media, how they are influenced, etc… you can create your work with them in mind and find greater success. A few recent reports to help get you started: Pew Research Center’s … Continue reading

When looking for local story ideas, consider ones that drive social media engagement

When looking for local story ideas, consider ones that drive social media engagement. So, what kinds of local stories drive engagement? Read the results of an NPR Facebook experiment: …Think of these things when coming up with story ideas for best results in spreading online. Don’t forget to include a link to your website with the story … Continue reading

How To: Learn about Social Media Strategy

A collection of social media articles that will get you started on a successful social media strategy. I’ve gathered these for the social media classes I teach. Social Media General: What kinds of local stories drive engagement? The results of an NPR Facebook experiment How to create a fan community: Becoming a Social Media Star … Continue reading

A few links for journalism students (and journalists)

Here are a few links students interested in journalism can learn a lot and get connected. (Also applicable for all journalists, if you aren’t already into these sources, check them out)… Twitter’s best practices for journalists guide: Twitter for Newsrooms: Facebook for journalists: MuckRack – Register your Twitter once you are a prof journalist, watch the Twitterings of … Continue reading

One to watch: NowThis News

“Rather than produce hours of streaming content a day, it is supposed to produce a handful of daily news reports, and plans to distribute them via mobile phones and social media.” – on the new NowThis News from Poynter. One to watch for sure!! Read the article. Check out BuzzFeed too if you haven’t for … Continue reading

USA Today’s new innovative website

App meets news website… Check out the review of the innovative USA Today website by Poynter: USA Today changed the way newspapers looked, felt and were read too. So look for similar things coming soon to other news sites near you!

Storytellers stories

Went to a cool MMJ workshop put on by some talented KPNX folks today. A few videos they shared with us … for your enjoyment. Each is a good example of story telling: Vietnam airman finally comes home: Emmy-nominated multimedia Storytellers site: Flagstaff man reunites with his best friend (his lost dog): … Continue reading

Video journalism 101: How sequencing can improve your stories

Great article out of Poynter for teaching video journalism basics -> on using video sequencing: I remember a really talented photog sitting down with me after a shoot in my first internship explaining sequencing and its importance. Made a difference in my understanding of good TV news.

ASU’s Cronkite School’s ‘Start-up culture’

Check out this article from PBS’ Idea Lab on Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism, looking at the start-up culture mentality:  Good look at creating inspiration for students.

Journalism research

AEJMC has links to several practical journalism studies at their Research You Can Use page. Among the current postings – a look at nontraditional news outlets looking to hire people with adaptive skills – something that can help all types of journalists and a look at how journalism ethics developed.

The future of News free e-book from Neiman J-Lab

The Neiman Journalism Lab has put together two new e-books as an experiment with ebooks and to the benefit of us all. Check out their June 2012 and July 2012 editions, both focus on the future of news.

What are the multimedia advantages of the GIF?

The GIF, invented by CompuServe in 1987, has many advantages over video, says the Neiman Journalism Lab. Check out their multimedia-multiplatform article:

A few college student TV programs with hands-on experience

Here’s a look at a few college student TV programs where students are doing real community reporting on live daily local news broadcasts: Missouri’s KOMU Ball State’s Newslink Indiana Northern Arizona University’s NAZ Today Kent State’s Tv2 California’s CUTV Know of another student local TV news outlet covering news in their community not just on … Continue reading

Broadcasting TV via the internet

Interesting idea out of the UK where there is a proposal to broadcast TV via the internet and leave the airwaves for mobile phone Read the story:

How to get a job in TV news

Looking for a job in TV news? A good resume website is your first step, along side making connections in the industry from your internship and classmates in college. When you’re lucky enough to land an interview, read this RTNDA article with 10 tips on landing a TV news gig from a News Director.