Moonves – death to newspapers so CBS can make more money

Here’s an interesting look at how the CBS head honcho views newspapers and what his real concerns are… not news values, not being the watchdog, MONEY MONEY MONEY… Is there anything that can be done about this type of view of the media to save journalism? From this morning’s media roundup on Les Moonves … Continue reading

Pay Per Sip in TV News?

Today’s discussion item comes from the New York Times. Brought to my attention via Media Bistro. It’s about product placement in TV news. The same thing as being described in the Times has already happened in other cities, notably comes to mind in Phoenix where several years ago Duncan Donuts coffees were mandatory on the … Continue reading

Photojournalism Discussion

THIS IS FROM THE POYNTER CENTERPIECES NEWSLETTER EMAILED OUT TO SUBSCRIBERS ON SUNDAY JUNE 29, 2008. IT’S AN INTERESTING DISCUSSION. CHECK IT OUT… Election Violence in Zimbabwe: The Story Behind the Photo By Kenny Irby (more by author) Visual Journalism Group Leader/Diversity Director E-mail this item Print this Page Add Your Comments on this Article … Continue reading