Ode to TV News

You’re brave and strong and gutsy You’re fierce, thoughtful and wise You’re jaded and harsh and a punch in the stomach You’re a jab in the eye and a dart in the throat You can be so much to so many people You can truly make a difference in this world You shine a light … Continue reading

HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ great starting point for j-school conversations

HBO’s new show ‘The Newsroom’ is about to turn the spotlight on conversations that have been going on in newsrooms and j-schools for years – conversations about news ethics, ratings games, and more. “In an early episode, [Jeff] Daniels’ character calls out other news anchors for their willingness to play to their base and spin … Continue reading

Moonves – death to newspapers so CBS can make more money

Here’s an interesting look at how the CBS head honcho views newspapers and what his real concerns are… not news values, not being the watchdog, MONEY MONEY MONEY… Is there anything that can be done about this type of view of the media to save journalism? From this morning’s media roundup on MediaBistro.com: Les Moonves … Continue reading

TV viewership increases online – What could that mean for TV news?

Not surprising to hear, but a new report is out that says more and more Americans are watching TV online. The Conference Board reports: Online TV viewing has been gaining in popularity. Nearly one-fifth of American households who use the internet watch television broadcasts online, double the viewership from 2006, The Conference Board and TNS … Continue reading

MSNBC On Air Tension & Drama

Interesting discussion today at Media Bistro involving drama at MSNBC. Anchor Brian Williams was on The Daily Show and Jon Stewart asked him what’s going on. Check it out HERE. Be sure to read the comments there for added discussion. Also, check out THIS STORY about the on air drama at MSNBC for background.

From “Gerbil Wheels” to “Lazy”… John Stewart Calls Out Reporters

Add another one to the list of all of the reasons you already love John Stewart. He’s known for lashing out at the media on the Daily Show, but this time he did it in person at the DNC! Cnn reports Stewart said, “the never-ending television news cycle creates a “false sense of urgency” and … Continue reading

Jon Stewart: The most trusted person in America?

The New York Times today asks, “Is Jon Stewart the most trusted man in America?” I personally love him. He uts through a lot of the, well, crap, that other “real news” outlets glaze right over. The NYT goes on to say, When Americans were asked in a 2007 poll by the Pew Research Center … Continue reading

Say Bye to Non-Competes

Big news in the broadcast world…. New York’s governor removed the power of non-compete clauses in broadcaster contracts! That means reporters, anchors, and others won’t have to wait ridiculous amounts of time to appear on a competitor stations in New York. Poynter.org reports that several other states already have limitations on non-competes. Is this a … Continue reading

Finding a job in TV News

Finding a TV news job can be daunting. It costs money just to get your stuff out there. But it is money well spent and you can write off the job hunt expenses on your taxes. For students who have just graduated or about to graduate it’s sometimes hard to convince them of the importance … Continue reading

Dear News Producers…

I’m writing a book about us and I need your help! As a fellow producer for over ten years, I decided it’s time for someone to recognize all that we contribute to newsrooms across America. I want to hear from you! The goal of the book is to share our stories with the world and … Continue reading

Why you should listen to your professors and learn it all!

I’m sitting here thinking about how happy I am that I decided to NOT get a degree in TV News. If you told me that about ten years ago I would have thought you were crazy. Back then I was just starting in the biz and was gung-ho. I did not know that TV news … Continue reading

TV Burnout Help

Need some help to shake your burnout on the job? Here’s an excerpt from my findings about how news people and their stations can deal with it… Stations can manage burnout and burnout risks by offering educational and training opportunities, having satisfactory daily schedules, and offering enough vacation time. Producers can manage burnout by seeking … Continue reading